Dope Dog Beds

  LETTO DOG BED When your dog has a better bed than you, you know it’s time for a proper shout out. The Letto Dog Bed is a prime example of spoiling your best four legged friend. Designed by Belgian interior and product designer Gerd Couckhuyt, the Letto Dog Bed features an aluminium frame with raised […]

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Scout Decor: Monochromatic Rooms

D’Marge highlights a few ways to dress a minimalistic monochromatic room that goes hard for one colour. A few tips for getting it right: Use the same palette, but not the same shade. Incorporating variations on your base colour is a more interesting and more refined take on monochrome. Inject texture. The way to keep a single-colour scheme […]

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Scout Decor: Dope Bathroom Ideas

1. Zen Living. Shoji screens give the master bath in this Bay Area home designed by Kendall Wilkinson a decidedly Zen mood. The faceted white onyx tub is both functional and a stand-alone art piece. The side table with amethyst resin top on a polished nickel base is from Holly Hunt. The photography is by Lee Friedlander and Eugene […]

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Puro Hotel Palma

Located in the old town of Palma de Mallorca is a modern boutique hotel taking a minimalist approach on design, while still offering a unique experience. The Puro Hotel Palma offers 22 rooms, renovated by OHLAB, featuring natural materials like cement, limestone, oak, hemp, aged leather, & linen; traditional upholstery like raffia carpets, majorcan looms, […]

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Queenstown River House

Located along the Shotover of New Zealand, this home boarders reserve land, boasting spectacular views, four beds, and three baths. Designed by Kerr Ritchie, the 3300 sq ft Queenstown River House sits on 1.2 acres and offers an outdoor space that takes full advantage of the land, while its oak flooring, fireplaces, & tiled ensuites […]

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Parachute Hotel

The Parachute Hotel is a one-of-a-kind accommodation designed in Venice Beach by international craftsmen, using high-quality materials from simple, luxurious sheet sets to towels and throws, which are also offered in their Parachute Home store. Its 2,200 sq ft penthouse offers a spacious master bedroom, open floor plan with kitchen, & an outdoor patio w/fireplace. […]

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Hyde Integrated Lighting

KOVR introduces an embedded lighting system that uses LED light strips and/or numerals to illuminate your living space. Hyde Integrated Lighting is an intelligent system 12mm-thick that uses wireless controls to adjust its brightness, schedules, and positions. Available in 3 looks – raw concrete, yellow pine, and white marble. Scout Life.

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Halfpipe House

WMR Architects introduces a skateboarders’ / surfers’ dream home. Located in Pichilemu, the Merello House is a 200 sq ft house built overlooking the Pacific Ocean built for a Chilean professional surfer. The home features a skateboard halfpipe ramp with a view of the sea, V-shaped pillars and living spaces all on the 2nd floor for […]

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West Elm Hotels

West Elm announces their plans to open 5 boutique hotels around the US. West Elm Hotels will start off in Savannah, Charlotte, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis and serve as a lower competition to mid-size boutique hotels. The hotels will offer 100 to 250 rooms, suited in their signature decor. Scout Life. $175-400/night  

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Scout Decor: Small Space Combos

Playing with furniture arrangement can be a decorating fan’s dream. But that’s only if you’ve got the space to play in. If you’ve got a tight living room (say 200 square feet or under), you might find yourself stumped on how to fit in enough furniture to do much living in the room. To help with that […]

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Ubatuba II House

Located on the hillside of a Brazilian coastline sits the house that had two goals – to not touch the ground and to create an outside platform where topography with 50% slope had provided any flat piece of land. I say goal accomplished. Designed by SPBR Arquitetos, the Ubatuba II House is a 10m x 10m […]

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Miramonti Boutique Hotel

Located on the side of a mountain in northern Italy is a hotel from the 1930’s rebuilt + remodeled to offer the perfect mixture of modern amenities + rich history. The Miramonti Hotel is a sleek, minimalist jewel of an abode featuring rooms, lofts, & suites, along with restaurants, full-service spas, saunas, and the dopest […]

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Scout Decor: Vertical Gardens

Owning a home on a quarter acre plot is becoming as difficult to acquire as a gold medal on the Australian Olympic team. For this reason, many of us have been forced to think vertically, rather than horizontally, when it comes to living spaces and garden areas. If you want to block out ugly neighbours, […]

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Scout Decor: The Best Blues

Blue is the world’s favorite color …including The BoyScout’s. And it just so happens to be the most-versatile, having the ability to appear akin to a misty gray or a lagoon blue-green or anything in between. Either way, it’s stunning and perfect to accent a room. Check out these dope shades: OLD GLORY, BENJAMIN MOORE […]

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Thom Browne Selects Exhibit

For the 13th installment of Cooper Hewitt Museum’s Selects series, fashion house Thom Browne explores the concept of reflection & individuality. The exhibit features over 50 of the museum’s historic & contemporary mirrors & frames including everything from nickel-plated shoes to holographic foil wallpaper. Scout Life. Until 10/23  

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Scout Tips: How-To Decorate Like a Fashion Designer

In his Greenwich Village, New York, townhouse, fashion designer Marc Jacobs has created a glamorous retreat that’s as sophisticated as his body of work. The result of a collaborative partnership with interior decorators Paul Fortune, John Gachot, and Thad Hayes, the four-story house is a neutral haven that blends designer decor, sumptuous textures, eye-catching antiques, and irreverent art […]

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Scout Decor: Kids’ Walls

Children’s rooms call for adventures in decorating, and in the latest edition of Scout Decor, we check out a few ways to step outside the box and dress up their walls: Starry, starry night In this bedroom for a young boy obsessed with all things space, O’Dowd designed a mini-universe above his headboard. It’s an impactful […]

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OFF Hotel

Located in Paris, OFF Hotel offers a unique experience being the city’s first floating hotel + bar. Docked in the river Seine, the luxury establishment features 54 rooms, 4 suites, plunge pool, summer terrace, & cocktail bar with panoramic views of the Charles de Gaulle bridge & river. Scout Life. +$EU132/Night  

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Residence Clerkenwell London

Located in the UK is the perfect cross between raw elements and minimalistic masculine. Created by APA Studios, Residence Clerkenwell London carries burnt steel, white concrete walls, with cool tonal grey furniture, large windows, Japanese sliding-doors, and a giant steel cube. The cube [core of their creative work] consists of a bathroom, book archive, film, & […]

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Boston Home

Located in Boston’s South End is one stunning industrial home, restored from its 1899 construction by Alan Christ Architects. Appearing to be two contrasting houses side-by-side on its exterior, the 4,200 sq ft residence’s interior in filled with loft-like open spaces. Its materials are strong & bare with steel, raw concrete, vast stretches of glass, and unpainted […]

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Mar Adentro Hotel

Located minutes from downtown San José del Cabo, Mexico is one of the most scaled-back hotels yet. Designed by Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés, the Mar Adentro Hotel resides on the gorgeous blue Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, and consists of 205 rooms sun-drenched in white, minimalistic bliss featuring top notch decor, private […]

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Scout Guide: Sandals Jamaican Bungalows

Sandals Royal Caribbean introduces the first over-the-water accommodations to the already-gorgeous Jamaica. Located in Montego Bay, the luxurious, all-inclusive, Tahiti-style bungalows are perched atop stilts and feature glass floors, thatched roofs, floating water hammocks, private infinity pools, outdoor showers, and private docks for lounging / small boats. On the inside, the rooms offer king beds with […]

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Dark Metal Milan Loft

Silvio Stefani collabs with furniture manufacturer Minacciolo to deco a metropolitan loft in Milan with dark, industrial metals and it is absolutely dope. The sober palette is filled with dark black metals adorned in greenish grays to give it a mysterious + brawny, dark + bright, airy + substantial ambiance. The spaces are open & […]

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