CampGround Convo “The Parry”

Matthew 10 NIV No one likes to be uncomfortable. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, strangers being in our personal bubble, awkward conversations, weird locations, or being placed in compromising situations. What’s the key to prevail? Embrace it. The worst parts of life brings out the best in us. When you’re placed past what you thought your […]

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TIME: 100 Photographs

Over the span of three years, TIME worked with global curators, photo editors, historians, & photographers to nominate the top contenders of the photos with the most historical significance. Then they conducted thousands of interviews with photographers, theirs subjects, friends, & family to answer – How do you quantify a photograph’s influence? At the end, […]

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Mirrors: Radio Lied To You

Mirrors are meant for people to view themselves. Attendees at the Saint Pablo Tour concert in Sacramento, CA were treated to a full-blown Kanye West speech, that clocked in at around 15 minutes. Although so often people hate Kanye’s delivery, so very often Kanye is right. He didn’t have to close the show, but the talk […]

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CampGround Convo “The Crockpot

Exodus 14 Temptation is one thing that’s hard to defeat, because it’s the wrong thing at the right time. We want everything, but everything is the number 1 thing that will get us nothing. You think you deserve the world, but remember everything is earned. And for everything we’re given, that is that much more […]

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Mirrors: #23Ways

Mirrors are meant for people to view themselves. Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it’s time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America. #23Ways In collaboration with Alicia Keys and the We Are Here Movement, with original reporting from Mic’s Jamilah King.

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CampGround Convo “The Head”

1 Thessalonians 2:11-12 Ephesians 5:25 Being a boy is no easy feat, but everything you learn as one, grooms you to becoming the best man you could ever be. Holding the title and rights of being head of your household is the greatest achievement any man can acquire. With that achievement comes favor, mercy, and […]

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