CampGround Convo “The Pivot”

Matthew 7:14

People work so hard to establish themselves to be presented to the world. But who doesn’t want to be recognized? We work at work so our boss recognizes us. We work in relationships so our companions trust us. We work in families so our household respects us. And all the while, we want to be consistent, just so we can be known for what we do.

Kanye’s College Dropout was a classic, but people say [they] miss the old Kanye. Michael Jordan was a legend, but people say should have never came back from retirement. Dwayne Johnson was part of one of the greatest teams in the history of college football winning a championship at the University of Miami, but people say he should have never left the game of football.

The Fast & Furious franchise would have never been the same success without The Rock. MJ would have never won 6 rings if he stayed gone. Yeezy would have never fulfilled his dream of signing to a fashion house if he stayed back-packing to Marvin Gaye samples.

Life is about growth. Every success is initiated by a turning point and a series of steps away from a failure. Don’t be intimidated by the turning point… appreciate the turn in direction. Learn from that pivot in life. Every situation you encounter in life is an opportunity to grow and become a greater version of yourself. If you fold to the pressure, you’ll never create the strength you need to endure your future. You’ll become weak and eventually become insane. It’s the glow-up, and there’s three steps to this to make sure you complete it.

Recognize – Acknowledge the situation before you. Without seeing the oncoming car, you’ll never avoid the wreck. You won’t even stand a chance. Never be blind-sided in life. Keep your head up and your eyes open. This doesn’t mean become paranoid, but it does mean be aware of your surroundings, and when you see if, don’t act like it doesn’t exist. Acknowledge the signs.

Pivot – Every action has an equal & opposite reaction. It doesn’t help to see an oncoming car and yell that it’s coming. You have to change the direction you’re going in to avoid it, just as fast if not faster than the speed it’s coming at you. Sometimes in life you have to get derailed to avoid a wreck, because sometimes where you set out to be shouldn’t be your destination. Sometimes you might have the right destination but are taking the wrong route to get there. Embrace this detour; there’s always more than one way to achieve a goal.

Recover – The longer it takes for your to recover from a change, the more you could be missing your moment and blessing, which is in essence God’s timing. Go after life with the same tenacity as you started your quest before the detour. Maneuver through life like Barry Sanders cutting through his offensive-line. When you recognize your moment opening for you, hit it. Fully commit and never look back. God will never give you anything he doesn’t want you to have.

Don’t get upset because you have a delayed flight. Trust in God that you’ll make it to your rightful destination at the time you’re supposed to. It tickles me when people get upset at airports because they’re flight is delayed for 2 hours. Oh, you would rather leave on-time but fly through a thunderstorm with heavy turbulence, or run out of gas, or have your left wing fall off and the plane fall out of the sky?

Just because you lost the game doesn’t mean you’ll lose the season. Don’t listen to the people around you, watching you in the middle of your season. Just tell them, we’ll see what happens in the end of the season. Stretch your plan out and look at it wholistically. Remember, some routes are easier than others, and just because it’s longer doesn’t mean it’ll take longer. 5 miles in city traffic is a lot rougher than 30 miles in the HOV lane. Be flexible. Be gracious. Be focused.

~The BoyScout

“Sorry momma, I promised it wouldn’t change me, but I would’ve went insane if I remained the same me.” (c) Shawn Carter – “Light Up”

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