CampGround Convo “The Punter”

1 Peter 2:9
2 Corinthians 3:18

Greatness. It’s all relative. The coldest whip. The nicest jumpshot. The cleanest sneakers. Magic had the sweetest pass, so we bought his jersey. Dawn Staley had the quickest crossover, so we bought her jersey. Bo Jackson was a boar on the field, so we bought his jersey. Pelé had feet built by finesse, so we bought his jersey.

Everyone wants to be great. God wants us to be great. But unfortunately, we don’t always know in what capacity our greatness is meant to be. I hate when people compare legends. Why? They’re the best versions of themselves. You’ve just got to learn how to be the best version of you, you were meant to be.

Emmitt Smith was one of the greatest running backs of my time, but no one remembers who his left tackle was who blocked for him. No one remembers the punter who gave the Cowboys their field position. The punter. Let’s talk about that fella for a minute. No one has his jersey, but he contributes to so much of the momentum of the game. The swing. The score. The outcome.

That ’93 Cowboys punter is just as great to the city of Dallas as that ’93 heart surgeon operating on that 26-year-old sister at Baylor Hospital. God placed each and every one of us on this earth to be great at what we were put here to do. The Mom Scout wanted to be a FBI agent when she was coming up, but looking at all the thousands of students she has touched teaching, mentoring, & tutoring, you can’t tell me God made a mistake. She’s just as great in that classroom as MJ was at that free throw line.

What’s your free throw line? What’s your field goal line? You’re a Manager at Starbucks – right now, in this moment, that’s exactly where God needs you. Be patient. Be nice. Be great. Because you’re so clutch to that Civil Engineer who came in at 936p to get her Caramel Macchiato after signing off on the drafts for the changes being made to upgrade the city bridge.

Some people go their whole life trying to find their field goal line. Others know when they’re in the 10th grade. Search deep. Not on SnapBook, or Tweetgram, or VH1, but inside. There’s a wick just waiting to be lit within you. There’s a need in the world for your greatness. Don’t [just] do a job. Fix a problem. Anything you were anointed to be, no human can stop you from becoming. So be secure in your purpose. Be patient. Be determined. Be great.

~The BoyScout

“I spent my whole life tryna improvise. I’m not saying that sh** for you to sympathize. Spent my whole life tryna find the light that’s at the end of the tunnel, I should’ve realized it was inside.” (c) Sean Anderson – “The Light”

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