CampGround Convo “The Clock”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

I remember watching MTV Cribs, seeing all the millionaire kids who had tricked out whips but were nowhere close to having their driver’s license. I remember thinking …but why?? I get the game though. But lucky for us, Percy isn’t God. That might be how Romeo’s father works, but that’s not how my Father works.

God’s timing will always be on time. He won’t give you what you need until you need it. If you take a trip on a train, do you need your ticket 2 weeks in advance, or when you get ready to board the train? So God will give you the special strength you need to overcome your obstacle when you need it, not in advance.

You just have to have faith and patience. You have to understand life doesn’t run on your watch. That relationship that went sour… you might be ready for love …but God might not be ready to bring it to you. You still need to be prepped, so you can know it when you see it. That new job you wanted… that you interviewed 5 times for… with the 18% salary increase and extra week of vacation……. not today. I need you to stay on this job another 3 months, there’s something I want you to see first. Because right now, they know you’re just learning, because you’ve never been really tested on it. The next time, on the next job, they’re going to expect you to be a pro at it.

How do we get on the right wave with God’s timing? It’s simple – take life as it comes. Address them in the moment. And the only way to live in the moment is to eliminate all the other options that could detour your focus.

Set goals, pray over them, and work towards them. No matter what happens, stay faithful. Don’t concern yourself with the rest of the world. When your goals in life become anointed, no man can stop your fate God has given to you. Just make sure you’re faithful in the darkness. I am not saying be a closet prayer, but you don’t have to publicize everything. People can’t shoot down your hopes & dreams if they don’t know they exist.

Make sure all your goals align up with your actions. Every step taken in your life should be in the direction of where you want to be. Don’t spread yourself thin – a master of everything is a master of nothing. It’s a simple law when hiking, using a compass – always make sure that needle is pointed where you want to end up at.

Focus your thoughts. What you think will reflect in your actions. These actions will result in habits. Your habits develop your character. Your character develops your future. Be patient but don’t waste time. Be focused but don’t be stubborn. Be prepared but let God cover you. It’s your time.

~The BoyScout

“For destiny & victory to finally collide, there’s no sound more sweeter than when God says “It’s time.” So tell all the voices (the ones in my mind) I’m doing just fine, for this day is the day when God says “It’s time”.” (c) Kirk Franklin – “It’s Time”

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