CampGround Convo “The Distraction”

“The Temptation of St. Anthony” – Joos van Craesbeeck (1650) , Oil on Panel

Mark 5:2, 18-19

There’s a huge difference between a test and temptation. A temptation is a tease, while a test is a trial. A temptation will confirm your focus, while a test will confirm your faith. God will test you, while the enemy will tempt you. But it’s alright – they’re all distractions, and no one will walk this earth without encountering distractions. It’s all about how you respond to them. Some distractions are tests.

Think of a test and temptation like sitting in the stands of a basketball arena. And each seat in that arena is a God-given gift. When you were born, you got your season tickets to the game. Each row in each section has certain privileges. Your seat and row has access to things no one else in the arena has.

But so often, we get distracted by the people in the rows in front of us, closer to the game. We get jealous. Their view. Their perks. The people who are on their row. Sometimes we look at the rows behind us, who are further away from the game and look down on them, as if they’re not good enough. The nose-bleed section. We focus so much on everyone else that we lose site of our own row. Our own perks. Our own seat. Our own view.


The temptation is the wantingness to be in any other seat except the one you’re in. The test is the faithfulness to do what you’re supposed to do in that seat you’ve been given.

We have to stay mindful to function within the row we’re on. That’s the position we were given. Take advantage of it. Fellowship with the people on your row. When the wave comes around, take pride in being in your row. Be helpful. Pass a corndog & Pepsi down, so they don’t have to get up & stumble across 11 people to get it. Don’t be so consumed by moving to a better row, closer to the game. Focus on your row. God placed you there to help them. To grow with them. All of the people around you come from a different place in the world, but for this moment in life, you’re all in the same place. The same row. Love them. Appreciate this moment. Once you help them, maybe you’ll be ready to move to the next row.

There’s a scene in Disappearing Acts when Wesley takes Sanaa out to a show for her birthday, and they get outside the entrance to come in contact with a scalper who has “better tickets.” He respectfully declines and waits, then Sanaa says “So, what do you think?” He contently replies “..about what?” “About the tickets!? It’s my birthday, and I have a little extra money.” He responds “Do what you want to.” After she gleamingly purchases the tickets, Wesley rips his pair up, tosses them in the air….

God will never tease you. This ain’t that. Sometimes it’s not about the view. Sometimes it’s just about being where you’re supposed to be to experience what you were given to experience. Be faithful. Be focused. Be undistracted.

~The BoyScout

“Stick to the notion, stay in motion. Remember soon as you stand still, so will everything else you notice. Make sure all your inner actions end with actions. If you stacking fronting and back in. Subtract if it isn’t adding. Plus who hurt you don’t let back in. Plan it out, yeah, tit for tat it. Extra p*ssy get distracting. Put that into what’s worth having…. boy” (c) Sean Anderson – “Voices in my Head / Stick to the Plan

cgc scout life blueprint 2

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