CampGround Convo “The Parry”


Matthew 10 NIV

No one likes to be uncomfortable. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, strangers being in our personal bubble, awkward conversations, weird locations, or being placed in compromising situations. What’s the key to prevail? Embrace it.

The worst parts of life brings out the best in us. When you’re placed past what you thought your limits were, another you starts to blossom. The real you. But if you were never placed in those situations, 1- you would never know you had another you, and 2- you could never be given the opportunity to mold, strengthen, and build this other you. To the point where you become a superyou, and it becomes a part of you. Another dynamic of you. To where it’s not defined by the situation, but by the choice you make in how you want to handle the situation.

Think of Mayweather. He can only block but so many punches until his body starts to break down. And if he missed a block, it could be even worse than a regular punch because he was left vulnerable for the hit. But what does he do? He rolls with it. He embraces it. He protects his core, sets his expectations preparing for the punch, and allows it to roll off of him. This is life, folks. You don’t have to enjoy the punches, but it makes it a lot less tough to deal with when you embrace them. It gives you the opportunity to win the fight.

Now, I’m not saying to become consumed by life. There’s a huge difference between tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance is being able to be around a lifestyle, while acceptance is when you become a part of that lifestyle. As if it’s deemed the standard in which to live life by. Evil is easily transferred when you have no structure. Build your core & intelligence to battle bad ethics, then go out and experience life to its fullest.


So how do we accomplish this? Learn who you are, do your research on what the experience is, then choose the right experiences you want to enjoy versus the ones you just want to see. Learn your limitations. When you don’t understand who you are as a person, your values, then you won’t understand your extremes. This step is very critical to your life and making what irresponsible & immature people call “mistakes.” Know what you stand for, and don’t let anyone alter your views on life just because they had a less than upbringing. There are a lot of different types of evils in this world that come in all shapes & sizes & forms. Be cognoscente.

Do your research. If there’s a location you’re invited to – whether domestic or abroad, do your research. There’s nothing worse than setting up inaccurate expectations then being blindsided. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Be prepared.

Make the decision to be it or see it. If it checks out, take full advantage of it. There’s nothing more exhilarating than experiencing something new that’s good for your senses and your soul. If not, I see the solution as the illustration above. Create a glass wall to separate yourself from the things around you. You don’t have to be so curious. Some things in life are good to experience it through your eyes, to gain a more developed understanding of the dynamics of the world. It makes you more rounded as a human. It makes you a better friend, parent, manager, and spouse. Be tamed.

Through it all, stay mindful of why you’re experiencing things in life. Know when to sacrifice and when not to. If the stove says “hot” with a little orange light lit, it’s safe to say it’s hot – don’t touch it. You can look at it. You can even use it to cook on. I mean, that is why you bought it, right? Not to burn your hand, but to cook your meals. Understand things’ purposes in life and don’t try to make things more than what they are. Respect them as they are and you can embrace all the little magical pieces of life without losing yourself to get them. Be cognoscente. Be willing. Be smart.

~The BoyScout

“Heaven ain’t hard to find. In fact, you could have it, just have faith. It’s like a lil kid still believing in magic. It takes a lot of sacrifice.” (c) Tupac Shakur – “Heaven Ain’t Hard to Find”


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