TIME: 100 Photographs


Over the span of three years, TIME worked with global curators, photo editors, historians, & photographers to nominate the top contenders of the photos with the most historical significance. Then they conducted thousands of interviews with photographers, theirs subjects, friends, & family to answer – How do you quantify a photograph’s influence? At the end, the magazine unearthed 100 images along with their incredible stories to go with them. Whether it was the first of its kind, or because they shaped the way we think, or even by it directly changing the way we live, TIME introduces a 240-page hardback book to commemorate 175 years of photography and the birth of photojournalism. Scout Life. $25


A Man on the Moon | Neil Armstrong, NASA, 1969|“It is a truly astounding shot and was the result of an entirely serendipitous moment.” -Buzz Aldrin – READ


Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston | Neil Leifer, 1965|“As Ali got older, people wanted to remember him at his absolute best. People wanted to remember him that way.” -Neil Leifer – READ


Betty Grable | Frank Powolny, 1943|“On every pilot’s plane, on every barrack’s wall, there was a picture of Betty Grable in a bathing suit looking over her shoulder.” -Matt Helrich, World War II Veteran – READ


Black Power Salute | John Dominis, 1968|“We were trying to wake the country up and wake the world up too.” -John Carlos – READ


Michael Jordan | Co Rentmeester, 1984|“It’s gotta be the shoes.” -Nike Commercial, 1989 – READ


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