CampGround Convo “The Rotation”


Philippians 4:6-7
James 1:21

Everything in life is about balance. Beneath that balance lies a cycle. A process. A circle. Dependent babies grow into adults just to grow old and become dependent. Kids go through middle school to find themselves and gain respect by their peers just to have it taken away as a freshman in high school, and again as a freshman in college having to find themselves all over again as an adult. Trees start as a seed, season after season grow ever so slowly, just to bud a flower that releases another seed to fall off and grow another tree. Everything in life is a rotation.

Throughout life, there are 3 stages you’ll find yourself in to complete this rotation. The first stage is Waiting. Kids wait to be a teen; teens wait to be adults; adults wait to retire. People who walk wait for a bike; people on bikes wait for a car; people with an old car wait for a new car; people with a new car wait for a better car. But understand there’s value in waiting, because patience is a requirement for wisdom.


The second stage is Receiving. Everyone loves this phase but so often we take without taking everything in. In a conversation with Strahan, he mentioned how everyone is so engulfed with meeting a celebrity that they spend so much effort taking a picture than they do in actually living in the moment of meeting him. They take a pic and never even make eye contact, never just speak – hey, how are you doing? When you’re on vacation, it’s cool to take pictures & videos of the moment, but never forget to live in the moment. Breathe. Take in all that life has to offer.

The final stage is to Move. There’s no transition without a release. Move on from one phase to make yourself available for the next phase. When you spend too much time in your current situation, sometimes you never make it to the next situation. Or even worse, when you get to the new situation, you still function as if you’re in the old situation. Separate yourself from your past to make accommodations for your future. For some people it’s harder than others, but the harder it is, the more reason to let it go. But then again, that’s only if you actually want your life to change. If you actually want the most out of your life.

Just remember, no matter what phase of the rotation you’re in, the most important thing about that stage is to be consistent til it’s over and to do it without worrying about it. Employ the journey. Because at the end of the day, time in life doesn’t equal maturity. Just because you went thru the activity, doesn’t mean you learned from the activity. Don’t be around it – be a part of it. Separate your insecurities about it. We have to believe in it. How serious are you about living your life to the fullest? Everything you do will be backed up by your conviction in it.


There’s 3 steps to taking advantage of the rotation and making sure you don’t live your whole life without ever growing. The first step is Communion – having one-on-one time with your God. Turning yourself from the world and having devotion with you in your thoughts, heart, & soul, and God. He doesn’t deserve to have to yell at you over the noise in your life. Give him respect. Spend time to meditate. Even if it’s 5 minutes per day. It’s really not that long. I mean you have 1440 to use every day.

The second step is your Community – be mindful of the company you keep. One of the most-important things you could do in your life is choosing the people you surround yourself with wisely. We are a direct reflection of the situations we put ourselves into. And 9 times out of 10, that involves the 5 people physically closest to us. Don’t deny this step. It’s very important.

The final step is Commitment – you have to be involved in whatever you ask for. And I mean all in. However much you want back is based on how much you put in to it. But remember your commitment has to be based on worst-case scenario. Base how much you want anything in life on how much you’re willing to give up to have it. You have to want it whether or not you’ll get credit for getting it. Whether you’ll get praise for doing it. Do it for the joy of doing it, not for the idea of having it.

Don’t finesse the rotation. Live in it. It takes effort but I promise it’ll pay off. Nothing done in this world goes unseen by the ones who matter. Stay faithful in whatever you want out of your life and be willing to go thru the rotations. Be prepared. Be guided. Be willing.

~The BoyScout

“I’m really tryna make it more than what it is, cuz everybody dies but not everybody lives.” © Audrey Graham – “Moment 4 Life”

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