CampGround Convo “The Receipt”


Genesis 25:1-11

We pray for things daily. We ask things of others repeatedly. Our parents. Our siblings. Our children. Our significant others. But sometimes we don’t acknowledge the fact that there’s a lot that goes into receiving what we ask for. To receive a blessing, we have to have the faith of that blessing, an open heart to receive that blessing, and the actions to show we want that blessing. But it’s there. We just have to take it in all of its forms.

The first step to receiving is to hear that blessing. Listen with your faith. If you want something in life, you have to speak those words of affirmation into existence in receiving them, and hear them with your faith in them as they flee from your tongue. Speak with your faith. Live every moment of your life as if you’re going to receive that blessing and in every moment hear that voice of confirmation speaking to your conscious telling you – you got it.


The next step to receiving is to believe in your blessing. One thing we absolutely cannot do is to ask for something while your actions show you don’t want it. You have to live it. You have to be it. You have to be in it. You have to exist inside of whatever you ask for. Most of all, you have to let your light forever shine towards it – even after you receive it. Because it’s yours. Point and move your life into the direction of that blessing – like a compass. That true love. That next level job. That healthy family. That new car. You have to believe in them to the point where you live like you already have them, and when you receive them you have to live like you already knew it was yours before you had it. You got it.

The final step to receiving is to do just that – receive it. Never bite the hand that feeds you. A closed mouth don’t get fed. Pick any cliché phrase, but at the end of the day, you have to realize there’s absolutely no way you can receive something without receiving it. You can’t get a job after declining the offer letter. You can’t have a faithful relationship while treating it like an unfaithful relationship. You can’t get help studying for an exam while telling your tutor you’re gonna pass on tonight’s study session. Take it. You got it.

Every day we walk and pass blessings along our paths that all we had to do was simply pick them up and take them with us on our journey. Take those opportunities and embrace them. You asked for them – all you have to do is do what you gotta do to have them. Stop letting yourself get in the way of what you want. Be absorbed in your wants out of life. Be open to becoming a better person. Be the breakthrough in the conflicts of your life. Be the confirmation of the transactions of your blessings – be the receipt. You got it.

~The BoyScout

“Can I have it like that? You got it like that.” © Pharrell Williams – “Can I Have it like that?”

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