CampGround Convo “The Preparation” Part II

cgc scout life the prep 3

1 Samuel 17:50

So often we look forward to the future. So often we look forward to better things. So often we put our head down or close our eyes and grind through our current situation just to pass to the next one. All the while, we’re passing everything in our current situation that’s gonna help us in the next situation. Well guess what – your future is not in your next situation. Your blessing is in your current situation. The fruit in the future comes from your seeds planted right now. You have it. Those seeds are the grace, the mercy, & the blessings.

Don’t wait on the next to come; do it with what God has given you right now. There is nothing more promising than what you already have. David had his slingshot. His wisdom, faith, & confidence came from all his practice and how comfortable he was with his slingshot. The celebration of defeating Goliath wasn’t the blessing. The blessing was him having everything he needed to fight the battle, right then & now. Tomorrow is not promised. Yesterday is where your wisdom comes from. Tomorrow is where your hope comes from. But today is where your confidence comes from. God has shown you so much simply by the fact that you’re here reading this right now. Your blessing is here. Your “good times” is now. Making the most of it makes it what it is. That’s why we call today not a present but the present.

Today is a perfect display of all your preparation in life. Everything you’ve made it through. Everything you’ve endured to get to the point where you are now. And most of all it shows how ready you are for your blessings. But how do we get prepared?

Before we prepare for anything tomorrow, we should always be thinkful and thankful of the many things that has happened the days before. Next, we think about what we want out of tomorrow. The worst plan is not having a plan. At that point there’s no telling what could happen, good or bad. If you’re okay with that, that’s fine; you can stop reading now. If you’re not, the next step is prepare yourself for everything you’re about to ask God for.

The worst thing about receiving a blessing is to not be ready for it when it comes. We don’t know when life will happen. All we know is that it’s happening, when it finally happens. In the same breath, never pray for anything you know you’re not ready to receive. We have to be honest with ourselves. But that doesn’t meant you shouldn’t have it, that just means you should pray for your preparation. Pray for your patience and your process. Pray that you keep your head up & your eyes open. Pray that you connect with everything and everyone you need to connect with to help you get ready for journey.

cgc scout life the prep 4

When you go camping, you take a survival kit to prepare you for various situations you could possibly undergo. Living life in general is no different. When we’re going on a journey in the wild, there’s so many things that could happen. It’s cool. We just gotta be ready for it. Be humble. Be ready. Be prepared.

~The BoyScout

“…you got it…. it’s coming…. so are you ready?” © Chancelor Bennett – “Blessings (Reprise)”

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