CampGround Convo “The Crockpot”

cgc scout life crockpot 2

Exodus 14

Temptation is one thing that’s hard to defeat, because it’s the wrong thing at the right time. We want everything, but everything is the number 1 thing that will get us nothing. You think you deserve the world, but remember everything is earned. And for everything we’re given, that is that much more we are expected to give to others. Potential is bittersweet without focus and purpose – focus gives us direction and purpose gives us motive to get there. But we wanna get there too fast. Well God is a crockpot, not a microwave.

Don’t stress getting there the quickest. God’s timing can be longer than you think / want, but if you want a big purpose / have a big dream, you have to embrace the big process ..and have the character to handle it. Bittersweet. It’s cool. He’ll guide your steps; it just takes faith and patience. His process has to develop and lock-in the flavor.

There’s three things that’ll keep us free from temptation, impatience, and bad timing. First, Stop holding on to your plans so tight; hold on to the promise. He’ll get it done. He crafted the world by-hand & tongue in a week & had time leftover to chill. But remember, it’s not because you feel you deserve it, but only if/when He feels you deserve it. Don’t be cocky. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. And if you forget, He will remind you when you need it.

cgc scout life crockpot 1

Second, Trust God’s timing. Divine intersections. Timing is everything. You don’t need every chance available, nor do you need all the time in the world. All you need is the right opportunity in the right window of time. When there’s traffic in your life, that means you’re not going at God’s pace; there’s too much pushing and pulling. When things move seamlessly, that’s His work. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to go thru stop-lights sometimes. It’s cool, it’s not like your car broke down. “Being still” is completely different from “doing nothing.” Wait on God for the cue to go. Just don’t [try to] take matters into your own hands. When you don’t know what to do when, ask God to close the doors he doesn’t want you to enter. Ask God for clarity to make things in sight clear and plain. Just don’t try to rush the crockpot. Don’t lose patience if things develop slow. Don’t force it.

Finally, Remember God is working while you’re waiting. Just because nothing is happening doesn’t mean nothing is happening. It just means you can’t see it happening. Just because you feel like you’re in the waiting room, it doesn’t mean He’s not in the operating room. Just don’t stop worshipping through the process. Cherish your relationship with Him over the rewards from Him. Respect the work, not the pay. Knowing you have plenty of money in the bank is more fulfilling than spending it. Be the journey. Be the process. Be the value, not the amount.

~The BoyScout

“When I was strugglin’, I did compromise. Now I comprehend.” (c) Kendrick Lamar – “How Much A Dollar Cost”

kendrick lamar scout life these walls

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