CampGround Convo “The Representative”

cgc scout life the rep 1Jeremiah 1:5

We were all put here for one reason – to live the way we were always meant to. Everyone has plans in life, but we have to be patient and faithful, and stick to them to achieve the most out of our lives. The great Sister Mary Clarence once said if you wake up in the morning and you can’t think of anything but [doing that], then you should be [doing that]. We came from the earth, so with all the earth has given us, it’s our sole responsibility to give back to the earth. You can’t leave this earth and only take from this earth, it’s just not right.  It’s our responsibility to represent this earth in the time we existed in it. We owe the earth – we are the representatives.

Whether it be through your words, your music, your cooking, your art, your work ethic, your trade, or anything else, you have to forward your knowledge to the earth. You have to teach the earth. You have to put something into this earth no one can take from it. You have to pay it forward. That is how knowledge is retained. That is how love is retained. That is how life is retained. There’s no point in learning something if you never share what you learned. Represent what you learned, because whether you like it or not, you will always represent what you didn’t learn.

cgc scout life the rep 2

Whether they understand it or not – your actions are teachers for everyone who sees and/or interacts with you. You have a lot to carry on your back. Good or bad, future expectations are built on previous perceptions. But that also gives you the canvas to make whatever you want out of it. If someone has never been to Kansas, when they meet someone from Kansas or sees someone from Kansas, that will become their perception of how someone from Kansas is. It’s the world we live in. Use that to your advantage. That means every interaction with another human is another opportunity to set that precedence. It’s your choice. Represent.

If you don’t like how you are being treated based on inaccurate notions, change them. You have the chance. Like the old saying goes – it doesn’t matter what they call you, it only matters what you answer to. Represent. Do what you gotta do. There’s no coincidence in your opportunity to live your life – your purpose was placed on this earth before your body was. How you spend it is solely up to you. How you treat people is up to you. How you respond to people is up to you. Unfortunately, often times we cannot control what happens to us, but we can always control how we reply.

cgc scout life the rep 4

This earth is whatever we make it. Your faith in this earth is only what you make it. If there is 100 points on a scale of love to hate, there is only 100 points on that scale. Whether it is 20 love : 80 hate or 80 love : 20 hate, that is the outcome you desire. If you want love to cover you, love will cover you. How you spend your 100 points is up to you, and whatever you put out into this earth will always come back to you times 10, therefore you will always get what you deserve. Wherever you lie on that line is up to you, but just remember one thing …from the most positive figure in history to the most heinous – you are the life you live. Represent.

~The BoyScout

“You work hard. You get what you deserve. And you die. …the rest is up to you.” © Dominic Hunn – “1:25”

cgc scout life transparency 4

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