CampGround Convo “The Sims”

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Romans 12:2

Are you really you? These days the world can have you thinking you are not you, you don’t want to be you, or worse you cannot be you. Well I’m here to tell you, you can be you. You were made with the only intention for you to be you. What are you?

You are the sum of all your passions, imperfections, & experiences, to the power of dreams.. divided by your ambition.. plus the influences you place around you, multiplied by love.

cgc scout life the sims 2

Let’s break this equation down. Your passions are all the things that your heart yearns for. These are the things that people who know you, deep down, understand about you. These are the things God blessed you with to make you feel alive. Gifts and talents are included in this. Embrace them. Never ignore them. They make you unique by something no one can take from you.

Your imperfections should be added to your character. So often in this day and age, society has led us to believe our imperfections should be subtracted from our character, as if something was wrong with us. No, imperfections make us human. Perfection itself is based on expectations, so imperfections are only figurative. You’re not broken so you don’t need to be fixed.

Your experiences are what makes your opinion unique from the next person. Your experiences build your character from a stability perspective. Your experiences are what God gives you to provide wisdom. The one with no education and a life full of experiences will always be smarter than the one with all the education and no life experiences. Bring those together and use them to your advantage – you go through all of these experiences to make you whole. They’re your mental and emotional resources. When you don’t completely use them, your conclusions and decisions will always be incomplete.

Your dreams are intangible, self-inflicted influences. This value exponentially increases the probability of your life’s equation having a positive outcome. This value should never be influenced by any outside factors. It’s invincible, and the more you have / the bigger it is, the greater the affect it has on your life’s equation.

We divide all of this substance by your ambition. Every aspect of your life goes against how much effort you put into making them happen. The more you actually work on passion, imperfection, experience, & dreams, the more they will affect you and make you feel accomplished. But remember, your goal is to match your ambition with your substance. If your ambition is higher than your substance, you could become complacent, and if it’s lower than your substance, you could feel a lowered self-worth. The perfect balance will make you feel complete.

1/4 = 25%
1/2 = 50%
2/4 = 50%
4/2 = 200%
4/4 = 100%

Now, take all of that, and add your life’s influences that reside around you. But beware – your influences you subject yourself to could be a positive and/or negative value. They work the same in either direction. The 5 closest people and/or you place around you the most, have the biggest influence on your life. Select them wisely. Garbage in / Garbage out – whatever you subject yourself to will eventually enter you, consume you, and be projected out of you. Never be associated with anything or anyone you don’t want to be valued under.

cgc scout life the sims 3

Lastly, multiply that entire number by love. Love is something that can really change your life – whether it is there (+) or taken away (-). Anything you have in this world is amplified or separated by love. Be careful who and what you let enter into your heart. Protect your heart. Remember your heart can not be sold or exchanged for anything or any amount. Your love holds no value – that doesn’t mean it is worthless, that means it is priceless. You can’t put a price on knowing, understanding, and loving yourself. When you try to be someone else, that means you are a fake version of you. That’s a Sim. Be real. Be whole. Be you.

~The BoyScout

“I stare at the mirror then realize that real lies within me.” © Kendrick Lamar – “Let Me Be Me”

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