CampGround Convo “The Responsibility”

cgc scout life responsibility 4

Proverbs 26:4

We all have our own trials and tribulations to go through in this life, and we all have our own timeline. We have to keep in mind, we are not going to all fall at the same point along our course at the same time, so we can’t get caught up in the fact that someone doesn’t understand life from the same perspective as you do.

Generations are changing and we have to realize that unfortunately we have to play our part in making sure certain things don’t change as much as we have to make sure certain things do change. I was having a conversation with The Doc Scout about generations and we realized the bell curve is no joke – you have your overachievers who reside at top of the curve. They’re the elite kids who advance this world into a better place. The risk takers. These are the A students. They’re focused and want the most out of life and failing is not an option.

cgc scout life responsibility 1

Next you have the regular kids who are the bulk of the curve. This consists of the cool kids who don’t bother nobody [upper half] and the regular kids who just get by and/or inherit life from other people [lower half]. This group just wants what they want, to live comfortably without getting caught up in the foolishnesses in life. Low risk takers. They might make bad decisions here & there, but it’s never really that bad – it’s usually only because they’re spoiled and/or irresponsible at the time. These are the B students – could study more to make an A but they’re okay with what they can get out of life with a B or C.

Then you have the bad kids. They are the bottom of the curve. They don’t care about nobody. Half the time they don’t even care about themselves. They are the D to F students. They are the ones who say some kids are B students and some kids are not, i’m not, and it’s not my fault I can’t make a B, I’m a D student. They do stuff like sell weed as if it could be a career move, steal 8 bucks of gas and say [they] forgot to pay, have sex with their bff’s man when they’re taking time off, and lie about where they were last Tuesday. You know the type.

So where life takes a turn is, the bad kids have made all the wrong decisions all their life while finding excuses for every last one, and now they have kids [for whatever reason]. And those kids outnumbered the middle- and upper-curve kids’ kids. Those bad kids’ kids are now in their teens / 20s and just like their parents at their age, they don’t care about nothing.

cgc scout life responsibility 2

If you go into Popeyes and order food and your food is wrong, they think the solution is to give you your money back. And they’ll probably have an attitude as they offer it to you as if they weren’t in the wrong for messing up your order. But if I came into Popeyes, it’s because I wanted Popeyes. If I leave with my money, I am still hungry. No, the solution is to fix my food.

It’s a fact. People will treat you wrong. It’s inevitable. But it’s your responsibility, as a kid along the bell curve, to do three things in return, to make this world a better place – tell them, not judge them, and forgive them.

One – When you know better, you can do better. Don’t tell them off, just tell them. When that Popeyes worker gets an attitude with you and offers you a refund, just let them know you came in there because you like Popeyes. You want Popeyes. You would prefer to leave with the right Popeyes. Sometimes people don’t realize when they are doing wrong. At times when they do, you just have to let them know Hey, this world would be a better place if we didn’t treat each other like this.

Two – Only God can judge us. You don’t know what that person is going through in life on today. Some people just don’t know no better and maybe no one took the time to help them understand. For someone who has been put down all their life, sometimes they need to realize that there are nice people in this world who just want to uplift other people. It’s not as common these days, as when I was growing up. We had a village to raise us, but that village no longer cares these days.

Three – If you don’t forgive, you will never break the emotional cycle. If someone has a bad day and does something to you bad, it can make you have a bad day and you can do something bad to someone else. Break that chain and don’t allow it to have a hold on you. Let it go.

Forgive others – not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.

When things do not go your way, if you take these three steps, I promise you you will never look back at another situation and say yeah, I was trippin’ or it didn’t have to get to that point. Your days will become less stressful. If you pray for patience or humility or wisdom, this is your guide to exercise those weaknesses. God will put you in those situations to strengthen your soul but the only way to complete the race is to condition yourself for it. It’ll be okay. Be empathetic. Be objective. Be forgiving.

~The BoyScout

“It’s not right, but it’s okay. I’m gonna make it anyway.” © Whitney Houston – “It’s Not Rich But It’s Okay”

Whitney 001

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