Scout Guide: The Renwick

the renwick scout life hotel 6

Steps away from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station is an artfully curated hospitality experience that caters to the most-discerning of travelers & locals. The Renwick hotel offers 173 rooms and 33 custom suites [for writers, artists, & travelers], re-imagined from a home for sheltering artists, intellectuals, & noted authors of 1928 in the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann, and John Steinbeck. The hotel is adorned in red brick & modern industrial steel for a timeless luxurious ambiance with a twist of artistic adventure in an one-of-a-kind NYC-centric style.

In a collab with Interstate Hotels & Resorts, hotel Asset Value Enhancement, and Meadow Partners, the hotel was created to make an artist feel at home, featuring innovative suites with custom-furnishings referencing items found in an artist’s studio like easel-inspired TV stands, work bench-inspired desks, file cabinet-inspired nightstands, & paint-splattered carpet. The hotel also features exclusive work by 19 local artists made just for the hotel, and John DeLucie’s first solo restaurant Bedford & Co. A true haven for art-lovers and experimental souls. Scout Life.

the renwick scout life hotel 11


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