Likeways App

likeways scout life app 1

In general, map apps create the best route to get you from point A to point B through efficiencies, whether it be by distance or time. But what about those times when you want to sightsee? Likeways App was developed by Martin Traunmueller [a student at the Univ College London’s Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities in the process of getting his PhD] for urban walkers who enjoy aimless wandering in the great search for your new favorite cappuccino shop, secret garden, a hidden gallery, or graffiti-engraved factory building. An ode to the side street, per se… you know – urban gems. Although the app will not tell you exactly what you should discover, it will guide you along routes to support a sense of exploration with a few common-interest locations along the way. Keep your head up & your eyes open. Scout Life. Free



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