CampGround Convo “The Link”

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Philippians 2:1-3

As much weight metal can carry, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Guess what – your relationships work the same. And I’m not talking about just lovers, but this applies to friendships, employers, sporting teams, and more. Sure, there’s no “I” in “Team,” but there is a such thing as responsibility. We all have to be held accountable in this thing called life.

If you have a friend who always gets in trouble, your crew will always be considered as “trouble-makers.” Why? Because when that person does something that detracts from the common goal of the group, the group has to adjust, compensate, and/or fall for it. The same applies to one person doing better than the group – it’s just an inverse relationship; that one person has to compensate and support the group. Either way, someone loses and someone has much to gain.

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When you spend time with someone, make sure you both have just as much to lose or someone will wind up feeling weighed down. One exclusion is charity work – when you help someone who can do nothing for you or to you. I’m not saying to never be around people who are in different spaces as you; even the most righteous can’t live in solitude to the righteous. We’re placed on this earth to help one another. The Mom Scout always reminds me Never be so heavenly-bound that you do no earthly good. I’m just saying make sure you are conscious of the positions you place yourself in with the people around you. Always be there to help someone, but be smart about it. Keep God in-between you and those people to ensure your connection is protected by grace. Those are the shades of unions for true degrees of separation.

Understand the concept of a complement – a thing that completes or brings to perfection. When you connect with someone who can offset your faults, you both win. There’s more to a “power couple” than both parties making a lot of money. There’s religion, ambition, appreciation, intellect, relation, and much more. Don’t get caught up in the appearance of life because the things unseen are most valuable to the wealthiest people.

Iron sharpens iron. When you indulge in strength, you can always become stronger. When you are introduced to better, it can always make you better. Note – I say can because there’s a thing called will. You have to be open to receiving it. <End Note> When you’re introduced to the worser parts of life, you have a viable opportunity to become worse, but you do have to accept it. You have to receive it. Don’t. Be a part of something great. Be consumed in something powerful. Be around positive, ambitious, and kindred spirits. Garbage in, garbage out. Whatever you take in, good or bad, will come out. Don’t allow negativity, poison, envy, or weakness to intermingle with your aura or it will overcome you, your heart, & your mind, and eventually poor out of you too. Be a King amongst Kings. Be a Queen to your Princess. Be the King and Queen over your world – be the best thing that’s ever happened to the things around you. Be the link to strength.

~The BoyScout

“Invest into a weak woman, one becomes weak. Reflections of the man, truly, I’m a born king” © – William Roberts II – “Can’t Say No”

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