Beyoncé Releases “Formation” Visual

Beyoncé releases the visual to single Formation. The record was produced by Mike Will Made It and will appear on her sixth studio album. The visual was directed by Melina Matsoukas. Scout Life

BHM sidebar – The visual begins with Beyoncé lying on top of a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in a flooded street and later cuts to a man holding a newspaper with Martin Luther King Jr.’s face on it with the title The Truth. Later on, a young hooded boy dances in front of a line of police officers with their hands up before the video cuts to a graffitied wall with the words stop shooting us tagged on it. The music video also modifies the song to include spoken interpolations from the New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia and the late YouTube personality Messy Mya, who was murdered in New Orleans in 2010.

In the beginning, there is an ad-lib by the late Messy Mya in which he states What happened at the New Wildin’s? Bitch, I’m back – by popular demand. This ad-lib came directly from one of Messy Mya’s YouTube videos entitled Messy Mya | Booking the Hoes from New Wildin. In the video, Messy Mya is walking down the street going on a rant about multiple people and situations based in New Orleans comparing different people to things he passes while walking and talking. For example …Bitch, if you built like a Chrysler, then bitch, you built like a Chrysler. After he finishes a major point in the video, he says Follow me, camera.


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