CampGround Convo “The Tutor”

cgc scout life tutor 2

Proverbs 27:17
Genesis 4:8-10

Life is a mere lesson. The funny thing about that lesson is no matter what you go through, it’s a learning process. The dope thing about that learning process is you can learn from something happening just as much as you can learn from something not happening.

If a father beats on his wife, that could teach his son one of two things – to beat on his wife or to not beat on his wife. If an older sister runs loose in the streets, the younger sister could say to herself that’s the life I want to live or she could say that’s not the life I want to live.

Says Bruce Almighty, God has control over everything except free-will. He puts us is so many situations as tests. So many situations to show He’s there for us. So many situations to see if we’re there for Him. And then there are the situations we put ourselves in. Life is about choices. And remember, an excuse is a choice too. We all are given the same 24 hours in a day. How we use them is solely up to us. If you grow up in less than enviable circumstances, nutrition or waste, you have the option to allow it to consume you or for you to consume it.

No matter what situation we are in, our lives are at stake at its results. Every decision. Every non-decision. Yeah, those count too – a non-decision is still a decision. There’s a big difference in not doing anything and being still. There’s walking away and there’s letting go. There’s not looking and there’s being blind.

cgc scout life tutor 1

Through it all, we have to make the conscious decision to pick a side. The people who are really there for you, will always be right where they need to be, whether they are physically there or not. Don’t fight it; trust in it. These are what we call the tutors. Remember, sometimes giving you the answer can help you, and sometimes it can hurt you. There are times when struggling can kill your character, then there are those times when struggling can give you the kind of self-worth you never knew you had.

Whether you are on the giving side or the receiving side, make sure you make yourself known in people’s lives. Yes, it’s possible to be both because different people mean different things to different people, and that’s okay. Everyone is not a pro in everything, but know your strengths and use them to help who needs it; know your weaknesses and allow people to help you catalog them into strengths.

cgc scout life tutor 3

No matter which side of the circle you’re on, remember your circle is your ally. It’s crazy, in the last couple of years I have met so many people who say they hate being corrected, like they like being lost or something. We have to put dignity back in our community. Don’t let your brothers and sisters go through life in the wrong direction. Take care of one another. Grow with one another. Don’t let them fall. Take pride in loving and protecting your neighbor. And never ever be offended when someone makes you better – iron will always sharpen iron. Be the tutor. Be the guide. Be the iron.

~The BoyScout

“I’m a born sinner, but I die better than that, swear you were always where I needed you to be – whether you were there or not there.” © James Fauntleroy II – “Born Sinner”

cgc scout life tutor 5

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