Etihad + Skyacht One

etihad scout life skyacht one 2

Etihad Airways introduces the extravagance of a superyacht to the perks of a private aviation. Based on the Embrarer Lineage 1000E private jet and a custom yacht built in 1939, the Skyacht One offers 10,000 ft3 of cabin space ranging 4,5000 nautical miles and features a sofa instead of coach seats, a cocktail bar, TV, master suite with a bed, bathroom, & shower, a four-seat conference room, and much more. The jet carries planked and pegged wood in its entry way just like the ship, carpeting in the master bedroom inspired by 14-century star maps, a sink faucet shaped like a ship’s throttle, and enough mahogany, leather, & brass to appeal any eye with class. Scout Life. $83M


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