Thursday Boot Company + Vanguard Boot

thurs boot co scout life vanguard 5

Launched by Columbia Business School classmates Nolan Walsh + Connor Wilson, about a year ago on Kickstarter, Thursday Boot Company introduces its first model. The limited-edition Black Label Collection includes a high-quality, versatile boot inspired by the 1940’s American classic service boot. The hand-crafted Vanguard boot features an artisan stichout Veldtschoen construction, the best cuts of some of the rarest leather ever created by Chicago’s revered Horween tannery, and glove leather lining, atop a cork midsole and low-profile studded rubber outsole, accented with classic waxed laces. The boot is offered in three make-ups Rio Latigo, #8 Chromexcel, and Analine Olive Chromexcel. Scout Life. $425


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