The Lowline Lab

lowline lab scout life 07

Underneath Delancey Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side resides an urban sci-fi fantasy turn real-life. The Lowline Lab is an initiation to turn an abandoned trolley terminal into a public green space with a special technology piping sunlight beneath the street’s surface. Although right now is just a trial period, and the real thing will not be ready until around 2020, the concept space is available to view while the team sees how the structures + plants react to NYC winter.

The 1,200 sq ft space utilizes about 5% of the actual Lowline space, and features a collection of wooden terracing, metal canopy, & over 60 species of living plants [some even edible] feeding from an optical system transporting sunlight from above-ground, large enough to stand in the center of, previewing what the full space could feel like. Scout Life.


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