Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser

benz scout life fraser living 12

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz collabs with the luxury apartment provider Frasers Hospitality to introduce a modern luxury design into the world of luxury-serviced apartments. The Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser is a pilot project recreating the ambience, emotion, & spaciousness of a Benz automobile into a living environment.

Located in Kensington, London, the six sophisticated, serviced apartments will offer +1,000 sq ft of living space including two bedrooms & an expansive living / dining areas with the same level of style as their automobiles. The apartments feature S-shaped chandeliers made of hundreds of Swarovski crystals, Burnester surround sound systems, Black Magic Walls which resemble the lines of their vehicles, huge screens broadcasting exclusive Mercedes-themed entertainment, and much more. Nine apartments will follow in Singapore next year. Ambitious Life. Autumn 2015 £400/night | £2,800/month | £150,000/year


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