Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz collabs with the luxury apartment provider Frasers Hospitality to introduce a modern luxury design into the world of luxury-serviced apartments. The Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser is a pilot project recreating the ambience, emotion, & spaciousness of a Benz automobile into a living environment. Located in Kensington, London, the six sophisticated, serviced apartments […]

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Scout Guide: Havana Vacay Spots

The U.S. flag is now flying again at the embassy in Cuba, which means that easily traveling there from America is becoming more of a reality. While flights will become more readily available in the near future, hotel options are not so prevalent—a complete Havana itinerary isn’t going to be generated on Kayak or Expedia […]

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The Lowline Lab

Underneath Delancey Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side resides an urban sci-fi fantasy turn real-life. The Lowline Lab is an initiation to turn an abandoned trolley terminal into a public green space with a special technology piping sunlight beneath the street’s surface. Although right now is just a trial period, and the real thing will […]

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Toronto BMX Supercross Track

Toronto architecture firm Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects Inc designs a BMX supercross track for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto’s Etobicoke area. The Centennial Park Track Legacy is about a 517 meter-long dirt track built into the park’s landscape, featuring two start ramps [10m & 5m high], structures with concrete, steel, canopies, & hollow metal […]

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Lexus + LF-FC Concept

Lexus unveils its flagship concept this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. The LF-FC concept sedan carries a massive grille, 21-inch carbon fibre wheels, swept-back style and sexy exterior lighting. The high-output hydrogen fuel-cell powers its electric motor for evenly-distributed all-wheel drive, while its interior is divided into two sections – a glassy cockpit for the […]

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Auto Fabrica + Type 10

British custom bike builders Auto Fabrica reimagines a BMW R80 for their 10th motorcycle with perfection in simplicity. The Type 10 features a super-clean, minimalist appeal, focusing on weight-reducing materials while carrying a stylish curved orange panel with slender red acrylic fins to distribute the brake lighting. So Scout Life.

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Hip-Hop “Hamilton”

The Rockefeller Foundation and the producers of Hamilton will bring 20,000 New York City 11th graders from schools with high percentages of students from low-income families to see the play Hamilton – a bio-musical about Alexander Hamilton with hispanic and black actors playing the founding fathers… with a little twist. Created and starring Lin-Manual Miranda, […]

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Minus-8 + Brutalist Timepieces

San Fracisco-based watch-maker Minus-8 introduces a couple new models to add to their catalog. Offering a unique blend of futuristic design with traditional sensibility, the Zone 2 is a reimagined classic field watch featuring a mineral crystal face, while the Square Chrono is a classic aviation watch with an architectural build featuring a sapphire crystal […]

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Thursday Boot Company + Vanguard Boot

Launched by Columbia Business School classmates Nolan Walsh + Connor Wilson, about a year ago on Kickstarter, Thursday Boot Company introduces its first model. The limited-edition Black Label Collection includes a high-quality, versatile boot inspired by the 1940’s American classic service boot. The hand-crafted Vanguard boot features an artisan stichout Veldtschoen construction, the best cuts […]

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Dope POD

Lexi Boling, Meghan Collison, Ina Jensen, Lineisy Montero, Julia Nobis, & Greta Varlese by Steven Meisel. Prada. Prada Resort 2016.

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Scout Tips: Grooming Essentials

If your bedtime routine involves only brushing your teeth and washing your face, you’re missing out. Here are a few of our favorite grooming products that you can use tonight to look better tomorrow. They require minimal effort—all you have to do is apply and crawl into bed. Face Moisturizer Good skin starts with a […]

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Sitskie + Block Bench

Sitskie Furniture changes the perception of unbending wood into a flexible & comfortable bench that contours to your body. Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, the Block Bench is made of many pieces of FSC-certified solid domestic hardwood, cut into many pieces that dovetail together to move individually to accommodate the curves of your body simply by weight. […]

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Scout Recipe: Clean Pizza

Antipasto Flatbread Recipe adapted from Eat Clean, Stay Lean So eating clean is all about choosing foods that don’t have a ton of (or any) added chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. Doing so, as Eat Clean, Stay Lean argues, will result in a bounty of benefits. A diet rich […]

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CampGround Convo “The POV”

1 Corinthians 13:11 Psalm 37:25 There’s a difference between temptations and tests – one is designed for you to fail at, the other is designed for you to learn from. Some things you have to succumb to in order to gain further understanding about. Jamaica is gorgeous in pictures but no matter how vivid its […]

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Scout Guide: Designer Hotel Rooms

What better way to curate your next vacation than with the help of fashion’s biggest designers? Here, 10 hotel suites around the world designed by the figures who rule the fashion world—for a guaranteed chic getaway. THE DIOR SUITE, ST. REGIS NEW YORK Parisian elegance is transported to New York with Dior’s regal hotel suite […]

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