Melbourne Batcave

molecule scout life batcave 06

Initially designed by Robert Hamilton in the 1920s – 30s in Melbourne, this Georgian-inspired home has been renovated twice to become a Batcave-inspired home. Molecule was given the task to create a basement car parking space – seemed rather tough seeing how there was already a lawn with a garden and a tennis court with a water tank underneath out back. So, the architects used part of the tennis court’s faux turf to double as a garage door that lifts mid-air like seen in the Batman TV series.

molecule scout life batcave 01

The space is accented with timber battened walls, backlit polycarbonate ceiling, generous storage spaces, and a lighting system illuminating each vehicle that is simply out of this world.

molecule scout life batcave 07

molecule scout life batcave 09

The Dark Knight vs what Molecule created.

molecule scout life batcave 10

Inside the home, Molecule renovated the bespoke library with rich walnut timbers for built-in shelves & private reading nook, the dining area with gold foil damask wallpaper, informal living spaces with a new colour palette, bedrooms with bespoke dressings rooms, and much more. So Scout Life.




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