Girard-Perregaux + Chambers of Wonders Collection

girard-perregaux scout life chambers of wonders 2

Swiss luxury brand Girard-Perregaux introduces a set of three timepieces showcasing masterful dials & fine craftsmanship through the artistic flair of Métiers d’Art. The Chambers of Wonders collection includes the New World, Terrestial Map, and Pearl of Wonders showcasing maps of the worlds drawn from the 15th to 16th century by Sebastian Münster, Matteo Ricci, and Ibn al-Wardi.


The collection represents North & South America, China, and the Arabian Peninsula, each with a unique technique – the New World by a mosaic of hand-cut & hand-polished gemstones taking up to 95 hours for each dial, the Terrestial Map by an India ink applied carefully on delicate 0.70mm thick white-jade stones requiring over 17 hours, and the Pearl of Wonders by combining painted papyrus reed under a hand-cut, polished, & engraved singular blue sodalite stone. Scout Life. 40mm $143,550



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