Scout Guide: Dope Cycling Routes

Bicycles: not just for hipsters anymore. We’re all for sensitive types saddling up in the city, but you’ll need more than artfully groomed facial hair and tight chino shorts to survive these two-wheeled adventures. These are the world’s best cycling routes. They’re relentlessly scenic, sometimes remote and occasionally arduous. They climb mountains, flow down coastlines, […]

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FYF Socks

Swiss Barefoot Company unveils the world’s most reduced high-tech protective footwear for a natural barefoot feeling in any sport you do. FYF Socks [Free Your Feet] are high-resistance socks that allow you to live life with a barefoot feel and a high level of protection. Made of Dyneema fiber, the socks offer higher tensile strength […]

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+Living The Scout Life

Living the Scout Life is all about Forms of Style Black + Reflective Silver + White Air Jordan 4Lab1 Guiseppe Santanmaria men in this town Thames & Hudson Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide GQ Le Manuel du Style: Printemps été 2014

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Nike + WMNS Free TR Flyknit

Nike unveils a new Flyknit trainer exclusively for girl scouts in its signature Multi-Color upper. The Free Flyknit TR carries the original effect in a wide array of colors, highlighting Radiant Emerald, Black, & Pink Pow, accented with black laces & Swoosh, an emerald liner and heel stripe, atop a black to white midsole and white midsole. […]

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This is Ground + Tech Dopp Kit

Los Angeles-based This is Ground introduces a minimalist bag for the modern geek. The Tech Dopp Kit is a leather zip organizer with dedicated space for electronic peripherals + accessories. The case features a series of straps situated on the opening flap, maximizing space & perfect for holding cables, glasses, watches, Apple TV’s or any […]

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Exploride HUD

Maryland-based CEO Sunil Vallath introduces a HUD with a few added features. The Exploride Heads-Up Car Display brings dated automobiles up-to-date featuring Google-powered GPS navigation, a dash cam, OBD scanner for diagnostics, and phone integration to connect for contacts, calling, texting, notifications, music, & enabling a WiFi hotspot. Even doper – you can control it with gestures […]

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Montreal-based CycleLabs unveils a device that docks on your handlebar to turn your bike into a smart one. SmartHalo syncs to your smart phone via its app to gain access to destinations as the device guides you from turn-by-turn directions to notifications from calls / texts / weather alerts to even people tampering with your […]

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VHS Camcorder

Rare Vision introduces an app from ’85. VHS Camcorder is an app that records HD video in landscape mode with all of the horrible attributes you miss + love about the 80s – tape noise, static, & tracking distortion. It even features the on-screen date + time stamp to give you the real time, or […]

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Scout Decor: Interior Cool

If only having a natural talent for designing your interior was as easy as painting a fence like Mr. Miyagi once taught us. Well it’s time to wax off and pipe up, Karate Kid. Much like layering together a killer outfit, an interior has a series of elements that need to be addressed to birth […]

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Scout Tips: Health Hacks

1.) DON’T BRING JUNK INTO THE HOUSE If you’re easily swayed to nosh on chips, cookies and ice cream, keep the processed snacks out of the house. This simple trick makes healthy eating easy. Out of sight, out of mind. 2.) EAT MORE FAT Yes, you read that right. People who snack on healthy fats […]

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Scout Guide: Keemala Resort

One of the most highly-anticipated resorts to open this year is located in isolation in the hills + within lush woodlands of Thailand about 40 minutes from Phucket. The Keemala Resort allows guests to immerse themselves in one of four style retreated treats – a clay & straw cottage, a tent villa, a tree house, […]

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Cereal + ‘Guided New York’

UK-based publication Cereal introdcues a comprehensive guide to NYC. Guided New York is an 128-page compilation of favorite places, photo essays, & personal essays by native New Yorkers like Frank Muytjens of J Crew, and Fabrice Penot of Le Labo, as well as neighborhood maps and recommendations, printed in full colour on FSC-approved uncoated paper. […]

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Hyundai + Vision G Concept

Hyundai unveils a next-level concept coupe reimagining your perception of the brand this week at Pebble Beach. The Vision G concept marks the next generation of premium autos produced by the brand, alongside a new Equus, and possibly five-door to compete with the Audi A7. The sedan-size coupe carries a body that’s quite large – the same […]

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