CampGround Convo “The Bar”

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Romans 12:1-3

Par – An average, usual, or normal amount, degree, quality, condition, standard, or thelike. An equality in value or standing; a level of equality.

In everything you do, there are already pars set in place. There are already levels to it. Even in things that have no been done before, for them to be worth doing, they have to be at least on the level as the alternative of doing so. When you play basketball, there’s a certain amount of stats a player can gain for fans to say – hey, he had a good game. When the first iPad was created – it was the first in its class, but we said – hey, I can find a use for “this,” as opposed to always using “that” and “that.” The choices we make in life should be seen as the same. The problem is they aren’t.


The world has gotten to the point where some don’t even recognize the world we live in. We have gotten so far away from what our goals in life were, that it’s almost like we no longer have any goals… or never had any in the first place. Things that used to upset us, no longer upset us. It makes some people wonder why they even upset people in the first place.

A standard 2015 Mercedes C-class weighs 3,417 lbs with 12.6 cu ft of space, while its 1995 version weighed in at 3,150 lbs with 11.6 cu ft of space. Relatively it is larger & heavier, but with lighter materials, the new C-class weighs less than it would if it used the older materials in a larger body. Mercedes-Benz had a par and is now operating above it.

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Javier Sotomayor

Let’s change the subject to media – in 1995 the classic TV show Martin was in season 3. The most vulgar word on network TV was d*mn and Martin Lawrence was permitted by the FOX network to say that. In his show’s run from 1992 to 1997, he went from using d*mn to d*mn and a*s. In 2015, not only do they use d*mn on network TV, but they are also allowed to use b*tch, a*s, and n*gga as well. What’s even more confusing is when someone says a*shole they bleep out the “hole” and leave the a*s.

Not only on cable TV, but they use profanity on network TV, radio, and even commercials. So how does a parent raise their kid without the use of profanity, or at least spreading the idea of those terms being grown-up words? Kids can be watching standard TV and a commercial comes on and there’s uncensored profanity. They can be listening to radio-edited music, then the host of the radio show comes on using profanity. TV had a pair and is now operating below it.

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Real Housewives

Things that used to grieve us no longer grieve us. Sometimes it makes us laugh. Violence on TV continues to increase to the point where a kid takes someone’s life in real life and the kid thinks nothing of it. The concept of death is not real to them. Things that used to bother us no longer bother us. Women planning to have a kid before they plan to have a wedding is considered normal. Guys being flamboyantly homosexual is considered normal. Women nowadays will say I have a gay friend. He’s fun. Don’t judge him. There’s an intense demonic existence forming to lead us astray, based heavily upon the par we have allowed to be set by the media.

America is the land of the free, but people are being blinded by the lack of rules that exist. When I was growing up, drug dealers could not sell drugs to kids or pregnant women or they would be killed. Kids couldn’t argue with their parents or they would be slapped. Parents weren’t afraid of their kids not liking them – they weren’t your friend, they were your parent. We took care of our neighborhoods. You didn’t let The Johnsons’ kids get into trouble because you knew The Johnsons. Now, you see a kid acting up next to you in the grocery store & you’re afraid to correct them because their parent might turn around & slap you. Villages don’t raise our kids anymore. And now our villages are weak. What part of the game is this? It’s like we are here but in a different zone. The bar has been taken down. The rules are no longer enforced.

Cosby Show

Just know rules are still rules. And the only way to bring those rules back are to start back enforcing them. We have to start by taking the people standing to our left and right by the hand, and begin holding them accountable again. As a nation, we can rebuild and regain those rules. We can regain control. We can regain what we once took pride it. When you see somebody slipping, say something. Let them feel your presence. Let them know you are there. Hey brother. Hey sister. I got you. I can’t let you fall, because if someone was to see you fall, they might think your downfall is a new standard of living. Be responsible. Be accountable. Be the hand that holds the bar, not the hand that moves the bar to allow the people around you to pass under it. You’re worth more than that.

~The BoyScout

Are you responsible? Boy, I gotta watch my back, cuz i’m not just anybody.“ © Aaliyah Haughton – Are You That Somebody?

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