Breitling + Bentley + B06 S Watch

breitling scout life b06 s 1

Breitling collabs with Bentley for another timepiece, yet this time focused on the motion. The B06 S Watch is a more compact version of the Bentley B06 with its 44mm casing. The watch comes available in steel or red-gold, featuring a knurled motif bezel inspired by the auto’s grille and a dial containing an in-house movement with an ingenious 30-second chronograph system that sweeps the central hand completely around the dial within thirty seconds, ensuring an extremely accurate 1/8th second time reading. The watch also carries a variable tachometer with a rotating bezel to calculate average speed, the distance covered, or the speed reached. Available with a royal ebony or silver storm dial, attached with a metal, crocodile, leather, or rubber strap. Scout Life.

breitling scout life b06 s 2



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