JIMI: All Is By My Side

While many attempts to craft a Jimi Hendrix biopic have been made in the past, none have proven successful, often because the Hendrix Estate has refused to allow use of any of his original songs. Director/writer John Ridley and producer/music designer Danny Bramson made a breakthrough with JIMI: All Is By My Side, however, which […]

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Lenny Kravitz + “Strut”

With a new book published by Rizzoli featuring iconic images spanning his career to the debut of his tenth studio album STRUT, needless to say, it’s been a busy time for Lenny Kravitz. Here, Mr. Kravitz speaks to Life+Times about recording in the Bahamas, his recent project with the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas and why, […]

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Lexus + will.i.am + Bespoke Lexus NX “Striking Angles”

Lexus collabs with will.i.am on their latest campaign featuring their newest addition to their catalog – the Lexus NX. Taking place in a surreal geometric world, just like the crossover vehicle, the behind-the-scenes footage displays the adverts concept while playing the remixed record Dreamin’ About The Future. The Striking Angles commercial is only part of […]

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Auto Fabrica + Type 4

British custom builder Auto Fabrica reimagines their fourth Yamaha SR250. Dubbed Type 4, the elegant yet simple classic was reduced to its essentials, weighing in less than 130kg, making it the perfect ride for city commuting. Scout Life.

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Scout Tips: 5 Fragrances for Fall

Fall is the most striking time of year. Bookended by the vibrancy of summer and sterility of winter, the season is marked by an array of changing colors and scents, shifting our senses into overdrive. Whereas summer fragrance is largely dominated by citrus and aquatic notes, a proper curation of fall pays tribute to the […]

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Relonch Camera Case

Revolutionizing how smartphones view photography, Relonch introduces a DSLR-inspired camera case. The Relonch Camera case offers magazine quality for your iPhone by simply sliding your phone into its slot, and you are instantly given access to an improved APS-C sensor & affixed f/2 lens. The case doubles as a battery backup, giving your phone four more […]

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Manual App

Developed by Little Pixels, Manual is an app that allows iPhone users to have DSLR-like controls. Using the new camera APIs in iOS 8, the app gives you complete control over your ISO, shutter speed, focus, & white balance, while adding extras like a live monitor for your exposure values, a fill flash mode, a live […]

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JOSHUA’s Magazine + Issue III

JOSHUA’s Magazine releases its third issue of aspirational brands in fashion, well-being, art, design, sports, food, drinks, and technology. The lifestyle publication centers Issue THREE around the theme Life is Fantastic, featuring MontBlanc‘s MD Christian Rauch, the luxury cigar collab with Jay-Z & Cohiba, world-famed photographer Nick Knight, TUMI, the oldest men’s fragrance Caron, and much […]

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RIMOWA + Topas Travel Sport Collection

German luggage brand RIMOWA introduces its latest collection of sophisticated travel gear. Originally developed for tropical travel, the Topas Travel Sport Collection offers a high-tech makeover featuring outer shells made of durable aluminum magnesium for ultra lightweight & durable protection against the elements, a royal-blue height-adjustable Flex-Divider interior system for keeping you organized, a silenced Multiwheel […]

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“Chris Stein/Negative” + A Look At The Early Days of Punk

The time, place, stars, and planets that aligned to give birth to Blondie and all the cool creatures who populated their world are captured intimately and inimitably in the acclaimed photography of Chris Stein, guitarist/songwriter and co-founder of Blondie. On the occasion of the band’s 40th anniversary year, Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent […]

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Trek Bikes + Lync Commuter Bike

Trek Bikes introduces a new urban commuter-focused model. The Lync offers a low-maintenance bike with the safest features available today, featuring a weather-resistant integrated LED lighting system with a powerful 550 lumen headlight and two 3-lumens taillights embedded in the rear drop outs, wires hidden inside its frame, a removable & rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack docked […]

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Sign Language Ring

Inspired by Buddhist prayer beads comes a medium for the hearing impaired and their hearing friends. The Sign Language Ring is a conceptual set of rings and bracelet that automatically detects sign language motions, then translates them into voice, while also translating voice to text. The detachable rings are worn by the hearing impaired as they […]

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DSIGNIO + Collage Collection Cabinetry

DSIGNIO introduces a collection of shelving & cabinetry inspired by the Suprematist art movement. The Collage Collection focuses on forceful yet simple shapes with superfluous elements to create an illusion of overlapping wood blocks. Serving as a medium between art & design, the collage of shapes double as cubbies & shelves keeping functionality a priority. Scout […]

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