GQ + Women Of The Year: Beyoncé

GQ completes its list for 2013′s Women Of The Year, and the number one spot goes to none-other-than Mrs Millennium aka Mrs Carter: Beyoncé is ready to receive you now. From the chair where she’s sitting, in the conference room of her sleek office suite in midtown Manhattan, at a round table elegantly laden with fine china, crisp cloth […]

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Ford + Mustang’s 50th Anniversary

Joel T. Piaskowski is Ford’s Design Director, The Americas where he leads creative design teams in the development of future exterior designs. Recently, one of Ford’s most distinguished models, The Mustang celebrated its 50th birthday and over the last half-decade, the design direction of the Detroit-based brands most prized vehicle has also changed too,  in terms […]

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Automatic Link

On-Board Diagnostics, version 2 [OBD2] is a system that has been built into almost every auto made in the US since the mid-80’s. This system allows you to tap into your car’s on-board computer, allowing you to see detailed info on what’s going on with your vehicle at any given moment. Automatic introduces the Link […]

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GoPro + Shaun Flippin’ White

With help from camera-maker-brand GoPro, 27-year-old Shaun White debuts his new trick, a frontside double-cork 1440, as he preps to secure his third Olympic Gold in the Men’s Halfpipe Snowboarding. The dope part is, they carved out a private halfpipe for Shaun, simulating his run for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Scout Life.

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Diemme + Roccio Vet Hiking Boots

In a collaborative effort between Italian footwear manufacturer Calzaturificio Diemme, Japanese & Norwegian sales & design agencies, and a Swedish distributor, Diemme is known for innovative footwear inspired by hunting & mountaineering boots. The Roccio Vet Boots follow the brand’s tradition carrying a hard-wearing edge with its mellow cowhide suede upper over a Vibram sole. […]

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Solé + LE Overthrow Cruiser

Solé Bicycles introduces a simple yet dope single-speed bike as a great option for casual town- / city-riders. The limited edition Overthrow bicycle carries fewer moving parts than your typical road bike, which makes its maintenance much easier, and it might not look like one, but it’s actually a cruiser. Designed in Venice Beach, CA, the […]

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Must-See TV

Blu-ray & Games Don Jon Nightmare City (1981) Elektra Luxx Dragonball Z (S1) Hell Baby Ninja II Monday WWE Raw, USA, 8PM Major Crimes, TNT, 9PM Holiday Bowl: Arizona State/Texas Tech ESPN, 10:15PM Tuesday Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, ABC, 10PM NBC New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, NBC, 10PM […]

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GQ + Women Of The Year: Rihanna

GQ lists its 2013′s Women Of The Year, and taking the #4 spot is the incomparable Obsession Of The Year – Rihanna. In 2012, men straight lost their minds over this woman, and that was all before she dropped the sexiest, most-outrageous LP of the year – Unapologetic: At nine fifteen, Rihanna’s black Escalade pulls up in […]

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GQ + Men Of The Year: Yasiel Puig

GQ lists its 2013′s Men Of The Year, and the 22-year-old Cuban’s gate-crashing first month-0.436 average, and ten RBIs in his 1st five games [most explosive debut in baseball’s last generation] slams Yasiel Puig the Phenom Of The Year slot: “I was Yasiel’s roommate for about eight weeks, with him twenty-four-seven. The Dodgers told me: Don’t let […]

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Francesco Maglia + Lord Chestnut Knot Umbrella

Dedicated to hand-crafted umbrellas, the fifth-generation, Milan-based business Francesco Maglia is known for creating exquisite pieces sourced entirely from Italy. The handsome Lord Chestnut Knot Handle Umbrella is made with a navy outer and burgundy interior, featuring a chestnut handle & shaft expertly-finished, enhancing its natural beauty, a logo tab, a classy, button-closure, and a metal […]

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Cricket Trailer

What’s the great outdoors without having a vehicle to take it on? Unlike the dope Mercedes Sprinter or Land Rover Defender, Cricket trailers are designed ground-up to be compact, efficient, & low-maintenance. Its shell is made of precision-engineered aluminum composite that reduce its tow-weight, and provides an unprecedented degree of insulation without warping, molding, or fumes. Built […]

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Gama-Go + Baby Starbucks Cup

Gama-Go introduces the perfect cup for your Cub Scout to help end the crankiness & get going in the morning. The Rise & Shine Sippy Cup looks just like mommy / daddy’s Starbucks’ cup, except it’s BPA-free, microwave & dishwasher safe, and carries a “Baby Ducks Coffee” logo. So Scout Life. $6

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You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it. ~Denzel Washington

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BMW + i8 Smart Key Fob Concept

BMW has unveils its car key for the 2015 i8 plug-in hybrid coupe. The i8 computerized Smart Key Fob concept displays the auto’s charge-level, current capable driving range, when it was charged last, & whether it’s locked or not on its high-res LCD screen. The coupe features a spot to dock the fob on its […]

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Hardwrk + Massive iPhone Dock

Hanover-based accessory brand Hardwrk introduces a dock for your 5th-generation iPhone that combines extremely-durable raw concrete with a timeless, elaborate design. So, what’s so dope about it? Well, have you ever picked up a cup and its coaster was still stuck to the bottom? Or do you hate the fact that it takes two hands […]

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Hermés + Kanye West + George Condo + Hand-painted Birkin Bag

Kanye West requests the service of New York City-based artist George Condo again, but this time for a 1-of-1 hand-painted Hermés Birkin bag. The bag, itself, usually runs you $7,400 – $150,000, depending on materials, but with Condo’s genius Artificial Realism sketched across its front, that makes it priceless. Condo has worked with Kanye on various […]

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