Askov Finlayson + BAD BAGS + Wear-A-Knit

askov finlayson scout life wear a knit 02

Named from two towns in northern Minnesota, Askov Finlayson collabs with Seattle’s cult-followed BAD BAGS for a duffel bag and introduces an assortment of knit stocking hats made at Wear-A-Knit factory in Cloquet, MN [whom also makes all the hats for every youth + high school hockey team in MN].

The knit stocking Winter Hats feature playful ski-hat pom poms along with the word “North,” intended to represent MN & proudly claim the North as their region of the country, rather than being part of the big, nebulous Midwest, explains co-founder Eric Dayton. $24

In 2004, Eric was introduced to BAD BAGS on a six-month Arctic dogsled expedition, by legendary polar explorer Will Steger. Now the duo pair with Best American Duffel for a limited edition #3 Duffel Bag. Made of 1,000-denier Cordura, a generously-coated urethane & durable water-repellent finished nylon fabric, the bag’s quality, materials, & workmanship are guaranteed for life through its double-stitching, steam-taping, and reinforced 6,000-pound break-strength nylon webbing. Scout Life. $100


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