Converse + Chaz Bojorquez + First String 1970s Chuck Taylor

Converse collabs with the graffiti artist Chaz Bojorquez on their First String 70s Chuck Taylor. The LA-raised visionary of Mexican heritage has been known in the streets since the late 60s from his Mexican-American Cholo-style graffiti of the 40s harmonizing with Asian calligraphy. His work has been sighted in The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, LA’s […]

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Watercar Panther

The Watercar Panther is an auto that comfortably goes from land to water. With a weight of 3,000 lbs pushing a 3.6 liter Honda VTEC V6 engine, its land speed tops +80 mph while doing over 40 mph on water with its fiberglass hull & water jet engine. Did I mention it goes off-road too? […]

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Wale Essentials: Top 10

In spite of hip-hop’s vocal obsession with recognizing the real and vilifying the fake, it’s often hard to distinguish between the two in most of what gets play on the radio. Transitions from street-hustling stories to bank account boasts don’t always hold up, especially when the artist’s full history is only a Google search away. […]

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Scout Guide: Wavegarden 2.0

Spain features the emerging leader in wave-pool technology with their Wavegarden. The innovative surfers’ pool is far from your typical crowded water-park with little ripples that you’re used to. With minimal environmental impact & energy output, Wavegarden creates consistently perfect, surfable waves. Since its conception in 2005, the site as progressed to larger, longer, more powerful […]

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Rolocule + Motion Tennis App

Rolocule Games launches the iOS app Motion Tennis that turns your Apple TV into a Wii-esque gaming console. Utilizing your AirPlay Mirroring, it connects your device to your Apple TV, and once your iOS device has been transformed into a tennis racket, you cant control the action on your TV screen. How dope is that? […]

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Life’d Out: NeverWet

It’s more than a water-repellent. It’s a superhydrophobic coating that can be applied to nearly any surface & repels liquids startlingly well. Backed by Rust-Oleum for mass production of Ross Nanotechnology’s idea, for sneakerheads and OCD geeks, it’s NeverWet. This product is undeniably a Life’d Out essential. $19

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Wale + The Gifted Documentary

Wale sits down with Diddy’s Revolt TV to provide a visual introspective on his life-experiences & inspiration up to the creation of his latest LP The Gifted. This dude will forever be one of my favorite artists, solely off his ambition in being an entity, while acknowledging that entity is merely him being himself. His […]

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Rapha + Nowhere To Nowhere

Rapha releases a rare glimpse of the rituals + routines that fill the many preparative moments between races with filmmaker Andrew Telling, commemorating Rapha Condor JLT team as they chase each criterium race through the UK in the 2013 Pearl Izumi Tour Series. Professional cycling is a sightly exercise pairing physical fitness with mental strength, […]

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“One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people… do your best to be a good one.”

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GQ British + Women Of The Week Chrissy Teigen + US Vogue | Miss USA + PETA | Daria Werbowy + Vogue Espania

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Scout Life: Weekend Jams

I don’t know about you, but for me, this weekend has been long awaited. Weekend Jams are intended to take you to another place – a progressive vibe for the perfect retreat from reality, and this weekend we’re going to get a little funky while the bass sets in, so grab a glass of lemonade, […]

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Bamboocycle UR

Designer Diego Cardenas was so passionate about the automotive design world, he designed bicycles made of bamboo. Known for their delightful intersections between geometry, technology, & sustainable materials, Bamboocycles can be customized from their size, color, fork, to mechanical scissors. The Urban Racer is a city bike that grew out of a health conscious + environmentally responsible approach to […]

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adidas Originals + mastermind JAPAN

adidas Originals collabs with mastermind JAPAN yet again for another capsule for another B&W-applied collection. Their signature colorway offers a 6-shoe pack for SS13 including a ZX500, Gazelle, Superstar 80s, Rivalry Hi, Country O, & Pro Model. Each shoe carries mastermind’s finest tonal black leather + suede, a cross perforation on its upper, and signature […]

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Linde Werdelin + Oktopus II Yellow

Linde Werdelin unveils their latest addition to their ocean-savvy collection of timepieces with their Oktopus II Titanium Yellow timepiece. The five-part case construction houses a customized Dubois Dépraz 14580 / Automatic / Double movement with a 40-44 hour power reserve. The lux timepiece features a big date in double wheels at its 12 with an […]

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Onkyo + iPhone 5 Shelf System

Onkyo announces their CS-255 Lightning dock stereo system – their first system to accompany Apple’s iPhone 5. The mini shelf system pumps 15 watts per stereo channel and features a CD player as well as a USB input for those without an iPhone 5, and of course Onkyo’s signature quality sound. Lovely for those Midnight […]

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Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone

Ziphius is the first app-controlled, above-water, unmanned vehicle. The aquatic drone is completed with a 160-degree rotating, high-def camera, & image recognition software. Designed for use in all aquatic conditions – rough water in open seas to your backyard pool, the friendly doohickey reminds us of a comedic Bond gadget. Its sleek design features a […]

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Sharp + First THX UHD TV

Sharp unveils their latest addition to their HD lineup. Cosigned by George Lucas [creator of Star Wars], Sharp’s new 4K Aquos Ultra High-Definition is the first TV certified by THX – in lamen terms – this TV is officially & technically the best. The 70-inch UHD is naturally called the company’s best designed TV ever, and Sharp put […]

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