MB&F + Reuge + MusicMachine

musicmachine 006

MB&F teamed up with Swiss music box maker Reuge to unveil their latest creation at BaselWorld 2013 – the MusicMachine. No, it’s not something you wear… no, it’s not even something that tells time… but yes, it is dope. This singing spaceship is a superlative table-top music box. The box features six 35-second melodies from three barrels –

Star Wars Theme
Return of the Jedi’s the Imperial March
Star Trek Theme
Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water
Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall
John Lennon’s Imagine

The music is fully mechanical – its brass cylinders are more complex than appeared, having +1400 pins hand-cut on each cylinder, shaped, and polished to play the proper note at the proper time. Comes available in two colorways. Check out the detailed video by Max Büsser for more info. $13,035


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